Camera follow on Y axis but not X!

Hi there I just started dev on an endless runner type game and was looking for a way to have the camera follow the characters movement forward but not left or right a long the X axis how would I go about doing this.

I wasn’t sure where to post this as there doesn’t seem to be a category that involves cameras.

Here’s a video highlighting the problem please take note I’m in very early development of this game just trying to work out the functionality before I get to adding game models and textures so be prepared for one ugly looking game. Notice the camera follows the actor left and right where I want it to remain stationary.

For anyone having the same problem I have solved it it was quite simple I’ll add an image of the solution but basically I just

added a new camera actor,
deleted the camera in the characterPlayer,
set the new camera to work on player 0,
added the new camera to the scene,
and added some simple blueprint to have the camera follow the actor on only the x axis which you can see in the attached Image.


Here’s a video of it in action