Camera fade when transitioning levels

When a level loads I want the camera to start faded out, to show a black screen. Once all the players are in the level, then I would like to start fading the camera back in. I’m able to do this by calling fade out at the begin play of my custom camera manager class but there is a frame or two where the level is visible before the camera fades.

So how can I start a level with the camera faded out?

I believe it’s because camera fading out at begin play, and not starting in faded out state. Probably using “Set Manual Camera Fade” would be more helpful.

SetManualCameraFade didn’t fix the issue. From my understanding, a ActorCamera is spawned by default a couple frames before PlayerCameraManager calls SetManualCameraFade in BeginPlay. Also, it’s worth noting that my issue doesn’t occur during a single player game.