Camera fade is not working on Oculus Quest 2?

Hi all,
I am currently working on a project where I want to implement a screen fade in\out when the user is teleporting. When I test it in the editor all works fine using the "Start Camera Fade " blueprint, but when I do a package build on the Quest 2 headset the camera fade is not working. I do not have the Mobile HDR feature enabled, due to performance reasons.

Thank you for your time and I wish you a plesent day / evening.

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When you test in the editor, are you launching via the project launcher or Play In Editor button?

I use the Color scale node. I think I read somewhere Oculus recommends it.
I’m using the VR exspansion plugin so I use both, one for the Quest and one for testing on the desktop.


Mobile HDR is not supported on Oculus Quest and as such you can’t use the default Camera Fade functionality. @Alh_n’s solution works well!

How do you determine if the game is running on Quest or in Editor VR Preview?

You can use GetPlatformName and if it equals Android it’s running on Quest.

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Clarifying that this solution from @Alh_n won’t work with the 4.27 XR implementation since it uses the “Set Color Scale and Offset” node from the Oculus Library, correct?