Camera Facing texture

I have been trying to get a texture to face the camera for a while. I have found many other forum and answerhub posts trying to achieve a similar result, but none of them have helped me get exactly what I want.

I’ll try to explain the result I want.

It should be a camera facing texture. The rest of the material should be able to have other things going on. Only that specific texture on that specific UV should face the camera. As such, I don’t think it should be a sprite or a billboard material. Or at least I think.

It should face the camera with no regards to the geometry of the mesh it is on. So I don’t think the pixel normals are involved.

It should behave similarly to a screenspace texture, but should the camera rotate to look elsewhere, the texture shouldn’t be affected.

I have made 2 gifs in 3DS Max to explain what I’m after.

As demonstrated by the gifs, the texture should face the camera as it moves around, but should the camera rotate to face elsewhere. the texture will keep looking at the camera position.