Camera detaches itself when saving?

I have an empty scene, added an Empty Actor and a CineCamera Actor. When I ‘Attach’ the camera to the Actor, it detaches itself when I save the level. All is well until I save. What’s going on? What am I doing wrong? Seems like I’m missing something fundamental here.

The back story is: I’d like to import an animated FBX camera from Maya, reposition and offset it in UE4. In Maya I would typically just ‘group’ it and adjust the group. The methodology in UE seems to be creating an empty actor, attaching to that and moving the actor. I’ve distilled this behavior down to what I described above and it behaves unexpectedly when I save. Feels like a bug, but I can’t be up against a bug on day 1! The bug is me.

Thanks in advance!

Answering my own question here. I was creating the CineCamera Actor via the button in the Sequencer. This creates a camera with a lightning bolt icon. Assuming this has something to do with it’s spawning property which would explain why it would not be attached on spawn unless explicitly set to. Adding a standard camera via the Content browser works as expected and does not detach after save.

To clarify, this is probably not a ‘detach on save’, rather a ‘not attached on open’. Which is confusing since I only saved.

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I’m having this issue too in UE5, but I can’t seem to resolve it. Do you have any further tips? I’ve brought camera tracking info in from Blender to UE5, but whenever I save or try to export an animation, the imported camera detaches from the offset actor in UE5.

Similar to this post, you’ll need to use attach tracks if you want to parent spawnables: