Camera Component Strange Error

I created a C++ component child of UCameraComponent (FIXCharacterCameraComponent) that has been working fine for a long time. I made the (clearly horrible) mistake of turning on Show->Advanced->Camera Frustrums while debugging something and now I get this annoying error every time I hot reload through the editor. I build successfully through Visual Studio but this error is driving me absolutely crazy because I compile through the editor 99% of the time.

LogSceneComponent: Error: Component 'FIXCharacterCameraComponent /Engine/Transient.World_0:PersistentLevel.FIXCharacterBP_C_3.FIXCharacterCameraComponent_0' has 'DrawFrustumComponent /Engine/Transient.World_0:PersistentLevel.FIXCharacterBP_C_3.DrawFrustumComponent_0' in its AttachChildren array, however, 'DrawFrustumComponent /Engine/Transient.World_0:Pe
rsistentLevel.FIXCharacterBP_C_3.DrawFrustumComponent_0' believes it is attached to 'FIXCharacterCameraComponent /Engine/Transient.World_0:PersistentLevel.FIXCharacterBP_C_3.CharacterCamera'
LogSceneComponent: Error: Component 'FIXCharacterCameraComponent /Engine/Transient.World_0:PersistentLevel.FIXCharacterBP_C_3.FIXCharacterCameraComponent_0' has 'StaticMeshComponent /Engine/Transient.World_0:PersistentLevel.FIXCharacterBP_C_3.StaticMeshComponent_0' in its AttachChildren array, however, 'StaticMeshComponent /Engine/Transient.World_0:Persi
stentLevel.FIXCharacterBP_C_3.StaticMeshComponent_0' believes it is attached to 'FIXCharacterCameraComponent /Engine/Transient.World_0:PersistentLevel.FIXCharacterBP_C_3.CharacterCamera'

I have obviously since turned off the “Draw Frustrums” option because that’s clearly the issue but it does nothing. I’ve tried turning the editor on and off 100x but that doesn’t do anything either. It’s also complaining about a StaticMeshComponent? That doesn’t exist anywhere on the camera.or character it’s attached to.

Any suggestions to fix this? Thank you so much in advance it will restore my sanity.

Alright after another hour of tinkering I (think I) sorted it out. I noticed that the error log was referencing the Character BP implementation so I figure something got cached in there.

In my Character cpp file I removed all references to the custom camera, compiled, re-added the camera, compiled and we’re hopefully good to go. It’s always some sort of “turning it off and on again” haha.

I’m never touching that setting again. Part of me wants to open a bug report for that but it’s so niche that I’m sure it’ll never get addressed.