Camera at Water Level, Post-Processing Effects on Part of Screen

Hello all,

I have gotten the post-processing and underwater effects to look how I wish while the player is underwater. When the player is above water, these effects go away. The boundary between the two, however, is giving me some trouble.


When I place the camera directly at the water’s surface, it will cause the pp effects to either be present or absent for the entire screen. Our game will have underwater playable creatures who can see much easier in the water than terrestrial creatures can. For this reason, a player being able to place the camera at water level to remove the post-processing effects may give an unwarranted gameplay advantage.

I know that I’ve seen games split the camera at water level before such that effects are only present on the lower portion of the screen but I haven’t been able to find any good instructions, examples, or tutorials on the subject.

I’m looking for something like this:


Has anyone accomplished something such as this or have some advice, or a link to some good examples of doing this? I know I’ve seen this in games before.