Camera and Charakter getting Stuck


I’m new to Unreal Engine.
I build a litle 3rd person level but at some point when I lauched the game the charater and the camera stuck to it started to stuck all the time.

[A litle 7 seconds YT-Video showing the bug](- YouTube" width=“50%” height="50%)

I tried to delete the landscape, becouse there are no objects that could collide there:

I already hat this bug before. Also 3rd person, just the test level with some own objects as .fbx imported and an landscape (watertexture) with some sculpting.

I’m using Unreal Engine 4.13.2 on Windows 7.
Objects created with Blender exported/imported as .fbx.


What does your collision look like on your terrain? Try using the SIMPLE as COMPLEX option in unreal and see if that helps.