Calling line traces from within ::Tick() method

Is it a bad idea to manually run Line Traces from within ::Tick() method of AActor-based classess?

I’m asking because it is not clear if the physic simulation is calculated before or after ::TIck() and because it is unknown in which order object’s Tick methods are called. Meaning if that if I check for collision with trace in object A, find that I’m colliding with object B, and then B’s “Tick()” methods moves B to position where collision no longer happens, that might not be what I want.

Running Line Traces in Tick is generally considered perfectly fine. The line trace will be computed IN the tick method and not delayed until physics updates. However, if you’re doing some sort of fine tuning that relies heavily on the line traces running before or after physics, you can actually set an actors ticking group with this or this for components.