calling function from TScriptInterface that is implemented in blueprints

I have a

TScriptInterface<.SomeInterfaceClass> MyInterface;

now I can assign the property in editor and I would like to be able to call the SomeInterfaceClass functions from this property.
Interfaces that are purely implemented in blueprints and have the ‘bImplementedByK2 == true’ have the Interface part of the TScriptInterface set to NULL. How should I call my interface functions in this case?

Thanks in advance,

I found a solution. It’s way easier than I expected :slight_smile: In case anybody encounters same problem I’ll post it here.

Whenever you create and implement an interface by using the GENERATED_UINTERFACE_BODY() and GENERATED_IINTERFACE_BODY() it fills all your UFUNCTION() functions in ProjectName.generated.cpp and gives them a static Execute_FunctionName( UObject O, Params… );* equivalent where you just pass the UObject O* as the function context.