Calculating revolutions on a physics valve

Hey all,

Been working on a turnable valve for a VR project. I’m looking to find the amount of times my physics constrained valve has been fully rotated, in order to trigger an event after a set amount of revolutions.
I’m having issues at the 360-0 mark, as my blueprint calculates roughly this: current angle - previous angle = rotation this tick.
I’m calculating the total angles rotated, and while this logic works when turning backwards - forwards, turning over the zero mark always adds about 360 to the total, which is my issue.

The setup includes a valve against a wall, attached with a physics constraint with free twist motion, and swing 1 & 2 locked.

Hoping to get any guidance for dealing with this. I’ve looked around for VR packages to study this kind of interaction on this forum and online, but the only one that demonstrated a valve has been removed from the marketplace.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile: