Calculate or get pixel normal in view space (version containing actual useful answer)

I have PixelNormalWS. I want it to be PixelNormalSS (screen space/view space, ie normal relative to camera).
I would expect there to be some nice node for use, so I don’t have to mess around with Matrix multiplications and such.

I have found this utterly useless answer -

Which is utterly useless, because only transform nodes I have are these, none of which seem to be what I want. both bottom transforms are TO WORLD SPACE, and I seem to be unable to find ANY “transform TO SCREEN SPACE”.


Any help would be appreciated.

Oh. Okay.
The actual useful answer is “many nodes have settings in the Details pane, which completely change their behavior, often in ways one would expect to be a separate function and therefore a separate node. So you DO use a Transform node, and then in Details you specify FROM and TO what coordinates you want to transform”.

THIS is how you provide useful answers, @RyanB . You’re welcome.

yes, I just noticed that. funny how nobody else bothered to mention it, from the about 10 pages of docs and q&a i’ve read before posting the question.

If you look into Transform node settings, you can find that it is configurable, so you can set transform from World to View, or whatever.