C++ UGameplayStatics::SaveGameToSlot Crash

Hey, guys. I am trying to make a saved game by using UGameplayStatics::SaveGameToSlot. It works all fine from the begining until some day, I delete the saved file, and try to test the save game function again, it crashed on UGameplayStatics::SaveGameToSlot. I made a small test program like the following code, and make them execute at once when I hit play.

    FPlayerProfile playerProfileSave;
	playerProfileSave.mPlayerName = FText::FromString(TEXT("haha"));

	USaveGame_TheLastBastion* mSaveGame = nullptr;
	if (mSaveGame == nullptr)
		mSaveGame = Cast<USaveGame_TheLastBastion>(UGameplayStatics::CreateSaveGameObject(USaveGame_TheLastBastion::StaticClass()));

	if (mSaveGame)

		UGameplayStatics::SaveGameToSlot(mSaveGame, TEXT("Save"), 0);

It still crashes. By using the debug symbol, it leads to this. Anyone know whats happened?

Problem Solved, I have to set everything that needs to stored as UPROPERTY

I have in my save

UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadWrite, Category = “Audio”)
float AudioMainVolume = 1.f;

But it always crash too. Its work fine in Editor - save, load. But after package its - crash crash crash and crash.