C++ Tutorial course on Kickstarter.

I’m not affiliated other than I just backed this project.

Learn To Make Video Games - Unreal Developer Course In C++


Apparently Tim Sweeney also backed this project.

If I got it right until now as it works
The advantage will cost between £ 50 ( course content plus skype communication with course staff) and £ 175 or more for (all current and future courses and personal skype with Ben Tristem). He has already Achieved a pledge until now in £ 47,006 and the goal was in £ 10,000. And it seems increasing rapidly, I could see it with my own eyes. Now it is too many expensive as a free course for mi.

Who has given the offer of £ 5,000 as MAJOR SPONSOR (Partner with Ben Tristem), who is? Limited (1 of 1 remaining)!


Here you can see his planned upcoming courses.

Getting just the unreal c++ course is really good value, only 15£. The double is good too. So it the Triad.

If you look here you can see how much his Unity course costs:

And just look at the reviews. It really looks to be a quality product at a bargain price if you back.

I am certainly quite tempted to put down the £15.00 for the basic pledge. By the sounds of it, £15.00 for a high quality set of tutorials is nothing.
I think C++ is my next small learning step in the engine, even just completing the set of tutorials/course would be good for me to understand very roughly how the C++ is working.

Will have to wait and see though!

Backed! Will be great to have a big learning resource focusing on C++.

I also just backed this! I believe I’m a competent programmer already but I really hope I can learn more from this (sure I will!)

Really looking forward to it! I’m also glad it’s being done by somebody with a solid reputation, it’s going to be great!

I’m feeling the pressure to make it great now :wink:

Speak and he will appear :slight_smile: Nice to see you around here Ben, looking forward to when the backing ends to see how far it reaches!

Pretty cool. I backed it. I am just starting out with C++ and UE4, I wouldn’t say I’m a total beginner but having a good C++ course for UE4 is definitely something I’ll welcome!

Backed it :slight_smile:

So guys. This could be a major asset to our community. So please consider backing it. Every donation counts. Noob or pro, help UE4 grow!

Meh. It seems we won’t get to the point where we goes through the multiplayer. It would be awesome if they chould still do it, considering we are almost there. But 5 days might not be enough. :frowning:

I would like to hope that either Ben or the community would expand on the tutorial to implement multiplayer, however cant hold out for that!
Pretty disappointed i wont be able to back the kickstarter. Payday rolled in on the 1st and by the 3rd my bank account sits very close to the bread line. Needs must, i suppose!

Will keep my eyes peeled though! Looks real promising

This doesn’t seem like one of those things that can be directly expanded but I can imagine there might be some community tutorials for Photon support in the future. The point of this is to have professional courses. we still have 5 days and it seems like they went up like 4k in the last 2 or 3 hours so it could happen.


Come on guys, only 3,5k!

If you really going to touch subjects like game design, and console development… well i am amazed my friend

I’m not sure that console development will be allowed to be shown, as even the console development sub-forums are completely off-limits unless you are licenses.

OH MY GOODNESS… I been waiting for something like this


When will the course be available?

The vr multiplayer goal was reached so I backed it. Looking forward to making the jump from blueprints to c++