C++ Textfield without Slate


i really need a way to get an easy InputTextField which is linked to a Variable.

I know there is no easy way to do it with blueprint (i don’t want to scan every input in a selfmade inputmode).
But isn’t there a way to draw an editable textfield with c++ without slate? Cause all of my Graphic Interface is done with Blueprints and adding a Textbox with slate to positions of Blueprint Hitboxes will be a pain… If even possible.

Why is it so hard to let the player enter a word by himself? That’s one of the most important things for a gamer, to enter his name or a stack size if he wants to cut an item stack in portions. It can’t be, that the Unreal Engine has no easy way for that. How do you all get user typed text cause i can only find a few guys asking for it.

Hi eXi, we’re working on a blueprint exposed UI system called UMG. The underpinnings are still Slate, but it’s possible to use it without writing C++. You can find the preview documentation here, https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?25533-UMG-Documentation-for-4-4-Preview