C++ SpawnActor invisible till editor detail change

Hi, I’m attempting to spawn actors in C++ with SpawnActor, it should be pretty simple, but for some reason any actor I spawn in begins invisible. The only way to get them to show is by going into the object in the world outliner, then changing any setting of the Instance. Changing settings in the root component or the static mesh component does nothing. Also any C++ changes to the actor have no apparent effect.

Here’s the code to spawn the actor, executed from the GameModeBase

And here’s how the actor initializes itself. Creating the mesh and material happen in the constructor and creating the mesh component happens during beginplay because it’s the only way I could see to get it to work. Maybe this is the problem?

I have been banging my head against this one for a while, could definitely use help, thanks!

JK I fixed it. I was initting the object all wrong. I swear it’s the same as I had it before but w/e.