C++ source control problems

I am quite new to perforce, and I am having issues with c++ source control.

For example, I just modified a .cpp file and compiled it from visual studio on my computer. Everything worked well and I could see the changes when I I press Play. So I decide to submit it to the perforce depot (I only modified the .cpp file, and no other file has been changed from Perforce’s perspective), but after gets the latest revision, it did not see the changes after pressing Play. He had to press the big “Compile” button in Unreal to see the changes.

This is not the first time something like this happens. Is there another file I should submit? Source control is supposed to let people work together at the same time on the same files and in the same project; if we have to submit a .dll or binary file everytime we change a cpp, this is not very practical…

Thank you.

It certainly would be impractical to submit exe’ and dll’s every time you submit updated code. Bigger teams will create an automatic integration system where some process in the background can get latest, build code, and submit new exe’s and dll’s for everyone else. This might happen every hour, every day, every week…all depends on what you need.

But which files are responsible for this? When I change and compile my .cpp, I don’t see which files are changed (except the .cpp). UE4Editor-Project.dll only updates once in a while (I still don’t understand what forces it to change) and, even when it doesn’t change, I can see the changes on my own computer.

I don’t understand why the editor couldn’t compile every time it’s launched. If there was no changes, the compile time will be very small, and if there was in fact changes, you will get the latest version. All people would need to do when getting the latest revision would be to restart the engine (which they do already), instead of artists forgetting to hit the compile button and flagging it as a bug.

I don’ t know if I get your point but this is the only way things are working, there is no magic, if you modify your program you have to compile it to see the changes. So if you check your modifs in, your teammates need to build their latest version of the game to have the latest modifications.
Usually as rcdarcey says their is a devops team and tool dudes in charge of integrate this process for everyone