C++ project Package error with market code plugin


I just try to use my recently released plugin in market to package my project. ( Horizon Tween Plugin in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace )

But it emit following package error: Property is exposed to the editor or blueprints but has no Category specified.

I also try blueprint project, it works fine, it only failed packaged in C++ project.

When I move my plugin from 4.13\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace\ to MyProject\Plugins, then it can package successful again.

Here is the video shows how to reproduce error and package successful when put plugin under MyProject/Plugins:

Hey dorgon-

Looking at the video, the error seems to be coming from HorizonTweenEventParameters.h (line 145). You may need to review whatever code is around that line in your plugin code. It sounds as though the UPROPERTY macro does not a Category specified. Adding a Category should resolve the error.


hi, thank you for your reply,

Yes, it seems it will need to add a category for every property expose to blueprint, but it is weird that it only happen for those plugin that are downloaded from market.

It is obviously a bug because compile behavior are different.

It can pass compile when put it under project’s Plugins folder, so it is hard to check this error before submit plugin to market.

Hi, Just try your suggested step, but it has compile error:

Info ERROR: No modules found to build. All requested binaries were already built.

With the project open, please try going to Windows->Developer Tools->Modules. From here you should be able to find Horizon Tween and press Recompile. Let me know if this finishes successfully or if you get the same compile error you mentioned with packaging.