C++ Project Errors after updating to 4.25.2

Hi there, i’m facing a issue where i can’t debug or rebuild or even rebuild after a clean after the 4.25.2 update.

the error’s im receiving are;

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error MSB3073 The command "chcp 65001 >NUL && "C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.25\Engine\Build\BatchFiles\Build.bat" Merveilleux Win64 DebugGame -Project="C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Unreal Projects\Merveilleux\Merveilleux.uproject" -WaitMutex -FromMsBuild" exited with code 6.

Merveilleux C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Community\MSBuild\Microsoft\VC\v160\Microsoft.MakeFile.Targets 46

Error Expecting to find a type to be declared in a module rules named 'Socketer' in UE4Rules, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null. This type must derive from the 'ModuleRules' type defined by Unreal Build Tool. Merveilleux C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Unreal Projects\Merveilleux\Intermediate\ProjectFiles\UnrealBuildTool 1

my whole project was fine before, and i could do everything. but now, now it’s very hard all suddenly.

can someone tell me how to fix this please?

  • Update;

So when i go into my Uproject, and set socketer to false; it compiles fine.
but when i set it to true it breaks everything.

The unreal project itself however; compiles just fine? (editor envoriment)

What? and why? i don’t know.

anyone has a solution i’d like to try.

This is a known issue with plugins. See 2nd post in this thread for fix.…otfix-released

Seems like this fixed my issue, Thank you so-so much :)!

i was completely in worries.

With that said, i still have one noticable issue. perhaps you may know a answer to this aswell.

When i’m opening my Unreal Engine and build the application in development etc etc it all works with the most current up-to-date client.

But when i press build or even debug on visual studio (which is the same project?) i keep getting the old version of my client,
Even after deleting the binaries folder entirely. and it’s not just a single version behind, it’s actual ages behind.

What would cause this? and how do i fix this?