C++ Programmer/Blueprint Scripting - Dedicated Server/Steam integrate

I’ve been developing game and platform for mobile and pc game. Recently I integrated Steam in dedicated server and game client as below.

Skillset(s) : Network/GameLogic/GamePlatform Programmer
Released more than 30 game titles as platform developer
Released 7 game titles as game developer
Bit-differential patch system including game launcher
CI/Build system
Steam Integration/GameSparks/Amazon GameLift/MatchMaking


Previous Work in realted UE4:

  • Expanded spatialized voice chat stream from dedicated server
  • Intergrated blueprint and C++ classes

Build automation(Jenkins, perforce)

  • Implemented deployment system for Dedicated Server build to test in-house build
  • Integrated Game Client build with Steam build with Steam Local Content Server for quick QA
  • Upgraded the latest UE engine on source code base

API Server/Agent with node.js

  • Implemented own matchmaking and lobby
  • Implemented Inventory APIs

Persistent Player Inventory

  • Implemented equipments & inventory system
  • Implemented exporting tool for equipments management

Integrate Steam Features

  • Fully integrated Steam server browsing in game and on Steam client
  • Implemented SteamUserStats & SteamGameServerStats
  • Implemented SteamInventory & RemoteStorage(Cloud)
  • Implemented SteamWorkshop

Additional Information:

  • Support English, Japanese, Korean
  • Available 30 hours a week

Skype : woods_shin
Mail : [EMAIL=“”]

Shin helped us get our game running on a dedicated Server and integrated with Steam in record time! Not only did he do a fantastic job, he got to work the same day I reached out to him and made sure everything was working properly. You know you’ve found a winner when someones more interested in learning and racking up XP than the money. He’s worth every penny and we have plenty more work for him. Thanks Shin!

ReAttached UE4 Replay to Steam leaderboard

Submitted Simple UPNP Plugin.



I’ve shot you a message. Looking forward to talking.

I’ve sent you a PM about some possible work!
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Cheers, Fredrik

UE4 Demo with GameLift.


Here are the details.

Sent a PM . Hoping you can assist me with the work I need done. Thanks!!

**Released Steam Inventory Service Plugin!

Available on Gumroad**

I just sent you an e-mail Shin. Let me know if/when you can start helping out with the programming on my game. :slight_smile:

Sent you a private message. Hope you reply soon! :slight_smile:

Integrated GameLift FlexMatch.


Here are the details.