C++ Objective system

Hi! I’ve been using ue4 for a while and I finally decided to learn C++, the thing is, I don’t know a lot.
I want to make an objective system (Your objective is: … If completed, the level has been completed)
Can someone push me in the right direction or send me a tutorial on this?

Thank you for your time!

Here is a tutorial on how to build a Quest system. It’s quite BP heavy, and File->Developer->Generate Native Code will not give you human-readable code. You will have to create C++ implementations of your quest system manually, using Unreal documentation.

I have a working ctf objective, similar to demolition in COD. If your interested I’ll send you the source code.

Maccadoolie could you send me your source code, thanks.

Alonzo, I have seen the tutorial series but for me it’s important to do as much as possible in C++ and the unreal documentation isn’t the best for beginners and also I’ve never implemented bp’s into C++

Maccadoolie could you send me your source code, thanks.

Many BP nodes have C++ methods that are exactly the same in terms of name, or are very similar. Also, there are some other quirks like how BP requires you to use setters and getters for internal values whereas in C++ you can simply go Value += 5; for instance. I would recommend building your Quest system in BP first and then progressively converting parts of it to C++, class by class. It will be a good exercise in learning the ins and outs of UE4 C++.