C-Media advanced materials pack! A few questions about the water

Hey guys,

I just got the C-Media advanced materials package and so far it’s great! The only issue I’m having is that I find the water is SUPER bright. Like, it almost glows. Even in a very dim setting with next to no light.

Has anyone every experienced this? Know how to fix it? Maybe I’m using it wrong?

Screen shots:

Moderate light:

Not much light:

-add a reflection capture actor
-lower the roughness value in the material
-add a skylight and see if something changes :slight_smile:

I will try those things. Thanks so much!

Hey, sorry, i just noticed this post - If you need help in the future please feel free to PM me.

As stated above i would recommend first adding those actors but it looks to me like you need to lower the intensiy of the fake reflection (RT Reflection Intensity) and adjust the ‘fog’ color within the material instance.