C-Media Advanced Material Pack Edition 2

I just submitted the second edition of my Advanced Material Pack which includes 9 materials - Other than the new Skin Material this pack contains entirely new material types so it is not a replacement for the materials in Edition 1.

Here are the contents of the pack:

  • Parallax with Offset RGBA and Full-Color Emissive support
  • Parallax 3-Way Weight Blend
  • Skin
  • Ice
  • World Axis Tessellated Displacement Blend (Two material blend based based on object orientation - Useful for Snow which only appears on top of an object)
  • Tessellated Displacement Landscape (Specifically for Landscape Actor)
  • Ice/Snow Landscape with Tessellated Displacement (Specifically for Landscape Actor)
  • Ice/Snow 3-Way Blend
  • Vertex Paint Water (Control wave height influence based on Alpha Channel and color values via RGB channels - Useful for having flat, different colored water near the shoreline)

The pack also includes the below assets.

  • 1 Environment
  • 5 Static Meshes
  • 55 Textures
  • 10 Materials
  • 12 Material Instances

Here are the screen grabs as well as a fly-through video - I am working on a detailed walk-through video of each material as well which i will post here once it’s done.

Love that ice.

Thanks! It’s only using 512 textures in the example so with some nice 2K or 4K textures it would look even better.

Yeah Ice looks awesome, very nice pack :)…

Why thank you!

This pack as well as my advanced Landscape Displacement Material have been added to the Trello board, please go give them a vote!

Advanced Material Pack Edition 2-

Tessellated Landscape Material -

Really good as usual , voted , voted

Love those materials, have to admit I am material junkie…
Will vote, will buy.

Great job!

The ice looks great, good work.

Well ****, now I want it with 4K textures! LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE!!1

Edit: oh hey I just noticed you’re in Beverly Hills. I’m over on Pico/Fairfax, which is about 15 mins away (or 1.5 hours depending on traffic) :slight_smile:

Heh, I may release a 4K texture pack later, my last texture pack was 2K but people have been asking me for a new version.

I’m over near Beverly and Doheny, not too far away! I lived near Pico and Crescent Heights when i first moved out to LA.

I have created a video showing the features of each of the materials in this pack - The video is a little over 42 minutes so feel free to skip around.

I have a cold coming on so excuse my voice and the fact that i sound half asleep :slight_smile:

It takes time to prep the different resolutions. You’ll see 720p online and available before 1080p. Check now - the 1080p option is there :slight_smile:

Voted for your packs … I almost bought your other packs this weekend … but I decided to hold off until payday … 8-}

I knew it took time but it took almost 6 hours! Anyway thanks for the heads up! I’m glad it’s there now. Hopefully the 60FPS version will be there shortly as well.

Heh, hopefully you can make use of them!

I have a lot more coming soon as well that I’m working on.

Good news! The pack has been put into queue to go up on the marketplace and is in the Coming Soon section - I have sent all of the files to Epic so it will hopefully be up there shortly!

That is some seriously beautiful materials.

I just had a quick look at your video – the relative tiling is just incredible, it will make everything so much easier!

Great pack as the other one. I’ll probably buy this one as well!

The Material Pack is now available on the Marketplace for your downloading pleasure!

Feel free to let me know how you like the pack and what you may want to see in my next material pack.