C++ Learning Resources are very scarce

From a past Unity user, the switch from Unity to Unreal is extremely difficult on the basis that the documentation for those that would like to learn C++ from Unity is just scarce. And even then the tutorials that are on there don’t go into depth except for the battery collector series and that seems to be for those that have prior knowledge of C++ and Unreal Engine 3 or previous incarnations(I completed the battery collector series and understood 25% of what I was doing, due to the speed of it and the explanations being done). I am asking for a simpler, slower tutorial series for programming in C++ in Unreal Engine 4, explaining everything as thoroughly as possible.

You would might like my beginner C++ video series, its a great series to watch before the battery series. I talk about so much C++ stuff, its honestly insane.

Now remember this is a beginner C++ series using UE4. it is NOT a beginner UE4 C++ series. There is a clear difference. (I have been raged on more than you can imagine about this, for my series’s title.)

I appreciate the help, I will definitely look into it and thank you for differentiating between what the series is for.

Hi Oldsiren!

All of our programming learning resources assume you have at least a basic working knowledge of C++. There are so many good ways to learn C++ out there already so we made a conscious decision to focus our efforts on how to do things in UE4 using existing C++ knowledge.

We do the same thing in other areas, such as 3D modeling, texturing, audio creation, etc. We don’t teach you how to model a low poly character with Maya or create a texture in Photoshop, but we do explain any parts of the process that are specific to getting those into UE4 and using them in your game.

Hopefully that all makes sense. If you need more resources for learning C++ (the language), you can probably ask here on the forums and get some great suggestions from others in the community.

Learning C++ was the easy part. The complete lack and often inaccurate C++ API documentation makes using the language in engine painful. I’m sitting at work with “unreal expert” engineers who tell me the best way to figure out what something does is Ctrl shift F the function and dig though all the code. I’m also finding tons of “ritual” knowledge where people don’t really know what the desired functionality of a function is but understands how to make it work in some odd way.

This engine would potentially be the best I’ve ever used had it proper documentation. I really hope your team remedies this.

For more detail see this post:

Hello, I completely forgot about this post I made soo long ago, I have been studying up on C++ and understand fairly how to use it. My main issue that I’ve found is what you pointed out to me which is the documentation is very generalized and difficult for those coming into it who have some knowledge of C++, to me it seems like Unreal has its own version of C++(which at this point should just be called Unreal Script 2.0 or something new) or its something that derives heavily from C++. I still stand by the fact that there are few tutorial series for C++ users to use other than the battery tutorial there’s just the tanks vs zombies streams which help alot but even then it misses on some features that would be helpful to know. Also recently started trying to mess with the Vive/ SteamVR and all I could find on it was for blueprints when coming into it and had an extremely frustrating time figuring it out for C++(I’ve found some stuff for it which I can link below).

When you know how to do stuff then the engine is fantastic but getting to that point is an uphill battle.

SteamVR learning resource:

can somebody help me with studing it?) i have great ideas but it’s hard for me study it by wathing videos couse it is not my native language. So if somebody wants help then my email