[C++] How to prevent my character from slowing down when I turn (Based on 3rd Person template)

Hi there.

I’m trying to create an infinite runner using mostly C++. The tiles/pickups/obstacles generation is working and now I want to refine the movement of my character.
I started with the “Third Person Template” and I’m basicaly calling MoveForward on Tick to get my character to run forever. It’s working great, however, as soon as I want to turn, my character will slow down while turning as long as I’m pressing the input.
I believe this is due to the MaxWalkSpeed variable on the Character’s MovementComponent. It prevents the Velocity vector from being higher than the MaxWalkSpeed value from what I understood.
So what I want is, when I turn right or left, the character will strafe to the left or the right but still move forward at the same speed it did before turning(It’s the kind of behavior you have in TempleRun for instance). For now I can’t get this happen using the AddMovementInput method as I think it calls the MaxWalkSpeed and is limited by it.Does anyone know how to do it ? I feel like it’s a really simple behavior to get, but I can’t find how : (
I don’t know if I was 100% clear here, I can give some more infos if needed.

Thanks in advance = )

Ok I got it working. I’ll let the solution here in case anybody needs it. And I’m not sure it"s the cleanest way to do it so if someone still has a better idea I’m all ears =)

So I still use AddMovementInput when going forward. But to go to the left or right I use RootComponent->MoveComponent, which is bypassing the MaxWalkSpeed and still detecting collisions so it works for my purpose.