[C++] Hide UPROPERTY Categories


So, i have a simple actor that holds a USkeletalMeshComponent pointer and i want to have it in the editor

(Hence the UPROPERTY), however it has some things id like to hide from the LD’s, for example i only want them to see the actual mesh on the component. Does anyone know if its possible to hide these? Thanks

also want to know. Anyone?

You can’t hide properties of component in the actors details panel as far as I know. The go to way to implement the mesh thing though, is you expose a

UPROPERTY(EditDefaultsOnly, Category ="your mesh")
USkeletalMesh* YourSkelMesh;

and then in your OnConstruction() function (you have to override it), set the Mesh like this:

    YourSkeletalMeshComponent->SetSkeletalMesh(YourSkelMesh, true);

Hey all-

It may be helpful to check out the UCLASS macro specifier “HideCategories”. This allows you to setup a class so that specific categories do not appear in the editor. The following link provides an example of the syntax for HideCategories as well as a link to the documentation on the specifier.