[C++] Graphic / PhysX Programming

Hi all, is it possible to append adding new elements to the renderer and physics to Unral Engine? I would like to learn graphics programming, and by the way try to add something to the engine.

Hello luki9914,

All of the source code for the engine is editable, but you’ll need to download it from our Github repository. If your Epic account isn’t linked to a Github account, you can find out how to get access here. After that, you can download the source and it’ll all be available for you to edit as you please. As for editing PhysX, that may be a bit more complicated as we have our own implementation. There is a community made guide related to PhysX here that may be helpful.

Whenever you have something that you would like added to the engine proper, you can feel free to make a Pull Request on our Github repository to have the change looked and reviewed to see if we would like to merge it.

Hope this helps!