C++ False Error On Debugging

Hello there, Lately i have been working on a simple project with AI and such, on Working on the GameMode.
I Started working on the Spawning Logic ( a wave Spawning Logic) to be Exact, yesterday october 24th i added a simple wave logic, where i start to loop on FConstPawnIterator to see if there is AI alive so I won’t trigger the Next Wave Spawn, Today when i started adding the GameOver State Where i Loop the FConstPlayerController , I started having a weird syntax error when i built my code ( Knowingly I use a perforce Server with my team, the Code that i submitted yesterday compiles fine but if i checkout the .CPP or .h of the GameMode file, the VS starts to go crazy and throw unreasonable errors

thank you so much, i figured it out hours later.

Hi AhmedAwad,

Based on your log screenshot, it looks like you’re not including a proper header. For FConstPawnIterator, are you including Engine/World.h?