C++ Error NiagaraActor

Hi im a bit helpless. After converting my project from v 4.4 to 4.5 i get a strage error.

My c++ knowledge is very very basic. Its enough to create some data structures and simple scripts but not for unexpected errors in classes i dont even can edit :).

Error	1 error : In NiagaraActor: Unrecognized type 'UNiagaraComponent' (in expression TSubobjectPtr<UNiagaraComponent>)	E:\Programme\UnrealEngine4\4.5\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Classes\Engine\NiagaraActor.h	13	1	SpaceGame

Error	2	error : In TemporaryUHTHeader_NiagaraComponent: '?': Bad command or expression	E:\Programme\UnrealEngine4\4.5\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Classes\Components\NiagaraComponent.h	2	1	SpaceGame

I have no idea what i can do now.

Niagara is new particle system which will replace Cascade editor in future, it kind of strange you getting errors from it (if you not useing it), i think something broke in your engine build, do you using build from source or launcher? If source you sure you incidentally pick “Master” branch? because this brach has right to be unbuildible.

Im using the build from the launcher. But i created the project with 4.4 and converted it to 4.5. Dont know if that could cause the error. And im not using any particles at the moment.

Hi Rexaka,

I tried to reproduce this, but was unable to do so. A few questions that may help narrow down what is happening:

  • Could you have accidentally added a code class based on a NiagaraComponent at some point?
  • Did these errors start to occur immediately after you upgraded your project?
  • Do you get the same errors if you create a new project based on the same template you used when you started your project initially?
  • If you still have 4.4 installed, can you create a new project there and upgrade it to 4.5 to see if that project has the same errors?
  • What steps did you follow when you upgraded your project to 4.5?

Hi Rexaka,

We have not heard from you in some time. Do you still need any assistance with this issue? I will be marking this question as resolved for tracking purposes. If you still need any help, please let us know. Any new comments on this post will re-open it.