C++ Editor Plugin: Get Blueprint Editor

I want to get all the currently open blueprint editors in my editor plugin,
so that I can go through the nodes, to check names and such.

I have looked through the documentation for:



Both of which contains great stuff I’ll need, but they need references to a graph or a blueprint, which I’m unsure how to get in the first place.

Other places I’ve been looking.


The last one goes through the slate widgets under the mouse position, which I don’t want it tied to my mouse position.

Any and all help is appreciated :slight_smile:

maybe this is one of solutions,have a try;

	TArray<UObject*> objs = GEditor->GetEditorSubsystem<UAssetEditorSubsystem>()->GetAllEditedAssets();
	for (auto& obj : objs)
		IAssetEditorInstance* AssetEditor = GEditor->GetEditorSubsystem<UAssetEditorSubsystem>()->FindEditorForAsset(obj, false);
		FAssetEditorToolkit* editor = static_cast<FAssetEditorToolkit*>(AssetEditor);

		TSharedPtr<SDockTab> tab = editor->GetTabManager()->GetOwnerTab();
		if (tab->IsForeground()) {
			FBlueprintEditor* BlueprintEditor = static_cast<FBlueprintEditor*>(editor);