C++ DeviceType

Is the DeviceType property (found in the DeviceProfiles.ini config file) exposed in the current API?

I’ve searched the documentation and can’t find anything. I can’t just read from the config file as the engine chooses depending on the platform it js running on.

It would be really useful to be able to query this after the engine has selected, i.e to test if we’re running in the editor, on a PC or on a Mac.


This feature is very new, so apologies that it is a little unclear.

I think you can get to this using:


However those functions appear to not be marked up with ENGINE_API yet (which allows you to access the function from dependent modules, such as game modules). I’ll look into getting this fixed for the next release. In the interim, you can change this in the source code on GitHub to gain access.


Hey reefG,

Like Mike says, you should be able to access the the DeviceType from:


The functions are not marked with ENGINE_API, but the classes are. So you should be able to access it from your sync.