C++ compiling from Visual Studio 2017

Dear experts,

I have a question related to compiling C++ code from Visual Studio 2017.
So far I have used CTRL+F5 to compile any code changes in .h or .cpp files:


Now I saw that there is a “Build” function if I right click on my project:


  1. do you know what the difference between these two options is?
  2. if it is a valid option is it faster and sufficient to right click on the project and click on “Build”?
  3. in the second screenshot I see it says “2 projects” - basically the engine itself and my test project. So if I compile does it compile both, not only my project?

Thank you for your help,

“Build command” builds the VS project into a binary like exe/lib/dll. Selecting the “Start without debugging” will build the project, if not up to date, and launches the executable.

Hello Seccpur, thank you - so “Start without debugging” is the correct option.
Best regards, Peter