C++ code won't complie

So I’ve gotten this weird bug in my project where c++ code will not compile. When I press compile it will say warning Rebind packages not possible (no package specified). Then I when I make a new c++ class it will bring message saying there was an error it could not compile. Here are some screenshots of this.


So anyone know whats going on here? I’ve tried recompiling my project. Deleting my visual studio files and regenerating them. Nothing seems to work.

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I’ve never seen that before, but there are a couple of error messages that say generated code can’t be edited, and give a filename that it says conflicts were written to. Have you looked at that file? If that isn’t helpful, I’d look at the SwordMousePositon file and try either removing it or commenting out sections of it until the error goes away, then add it back a piece at a time until you can localize what lines are causing the problem.

So I’ve gotten to kinda of work I can now create c++ code but when I press compile in the engine all output log says is warning Rebindpackages not possible (no package specfied) then nothing happens also

I’ve also noticed when I make new c++ class I have a ton errors

So it doesn’t look like it’s generating all the files it needs

Okay I found a solution on this thread Cannot open source file name.generated.hc - C++ - Unreal Engine Forums