C++ Classes not included automatically or generated

I seem to be having a problem getting the compiler pipeline to work properly.

I have been analyzing the “StrategyGame” sample project and attempting to take the classes and use it in my own project. However I seem to be having a significant amount of problems.

  1. Why are my classes not being generated and placed in some sort of generated type header as seen in the example?
    The StrategyGame example in “StrategyGame.h” includes #include “StrategyGameClasses.h” which seems to automatically generate and include all header files.

By doing this in my own project, it generates a blank file.

You can see in my project here that the classes can’t be found:

In the example project, it seems to generate this file, which I can’t seem to do in mine.

Did you add those classes to your project manually or via File->Add code to project?

I attempted both cases, in different scenarios. I have tried with a blank project and adding codes through File->Add Code. It’s worth mentioning that UE seems to automatically #include the header file in the cpp file instead of omitting it completely and leaving it to be referenced later on from the generated header file.