C++ classes not in content browser

Try doing “Generate Visual Studio Project Files” by right-clicking on the .uproject file. Then open up the .sln in visual studio and build the project (Ctrl+B). There might be some compile errors which is why the editor can’t compile it automatically.

Hey all just updated to the newest version and when I go to edit my C++ classes they are no longer in content browser. My source folder and .cpp and .h files are all there where they should be but the content browser does not detect them.

The eye can see them and even if I filter my content to only c++ classes they do not show up. If I create a brand new class and try to find it, it will also not show up.

Edit: Okay when I add a class that isn’t an empty I get this error: Successfully added class, however you must recompile the module before it will appear in the Content Browser. Failed to automatically compile the module. Would you like to open the Output Log to see more details?

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Hmm no dice. My project builds fine. But None of my classes are showing up and I can’t add more.

Hmm, is it still saying “Failed to automatically compile the module”? Does it mention anything in the output log? View->Developer Tools->Output Log

Okay so I uninstalled and reinstalled visual studio and then rebuilt my files and re-added my classes… It seemed to be visual studio messing up I think as I haven’t updated it in a while apparently.

Thanks for your time!