C++ chaos wheeled vehicle doesn't act like a vehicle

I want to make a vehicle movement that calculates the engine power on the fly but when I added said movement component to a pawn it just acted like a ragdoll even though its just the base chaos movement component for now.
I tried setting up a normal chaos vehicle but it acts the same I don’t know what I’m doing wrong


and if i change the wheels to kinematic how this video from the literal engine creators tells you it just stays in air with no physic

i think your mesh and maybe your bones are not in X Forward and Z Up, as I see in your physical asset :face_in_clouds:

well i fixed that but the wheels are still breakdancing

i tried to work out the physx cars to see if it works at all and the care drove but the animations didn’t play i’m gonna see if that’s the problem
oh no its just the wheel handler and wheel controller well i’m using the controller for chaos so it would work

I followed the tutorial step by step and I didn’t have any problem with chaos vehicle, the only problem I had was with blender, since blender has to be adjusted in meters with a scale of 0.01 for the physical simulation to work, if you put it in cm it doesn’t work, so if you did everything as the tutorial says you should have no problems

huh i found this in the tutorial that i didn’t notice

This plugin will not work with PhysX enabled.

and casue im using ue4 physx is enabled
may this be th problem
casue i did scaling for the modle which did nothing

yeah apparently there’s a chaos physics version of unreal I’ve never saw so now its working time for some different problems I have