C++ build error


I have a problem with editor, when i change my c++ code and compile from visual studio(build is complete and successfully) i got a error on UE4Editor. my changes is not apply to editor and when i closed and open the editor i got same error in log files(Log paths Saved\Logs). when i closed ue4editor and rebuild solution in visual studio, i’m ok an no error show again.

I must sayed this when i compile project from UE4Editor, project build and changes are show in editor, the problem show when i build from visual studio.

error in output log:

LoadLibraryWithSearchPaths failed for file {GAME_MODULE}. GetLastError=126
FileExists returned 1 for Module {GAME_MODULE}
ModuleManager: Unable to load module {GAME_MODULE} because the file couldn't be loaded by the OS

I search for error number 126 and found this error raised when system module not found, but the dll is there and path is ok.

more information about project:

  1. I have 2 c++ plugin in my project, this error raised for main project not plugins
  2. i get this error for both version 4.16 and 4.17
  3. i get this error for both visual studio 2015 and 2017 (Community version)
  4. i get this error on windows 10(not tested on other platforms)