Bypass the Unreal Audio engine?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to configure the Unreal engine such that it doesn’t open any audio devices, since I’m linking an external audio library for this.

This forum post seems to suggest that this is possible by editing the Engine.ini file:

However I’m wondering if it’s possible to achieve this without a customised engine build. Perhaps by changing something in the build system? Can anyone advise/confirm if it is only possible to bypass the audio engine by customising the Engine.ini?

use -nosound, or hard-code the bUseSound to false.

Thanks. Is there any way to achieve this without modifying the engine-level code? I’m developing a plugin and I’d like people to be able to use it without modifying their engine code. I’d like modifications to be limited to their individual projects, if at all.

For now I’ll use the command-line argument. However it would be nice to have some way of disabling sound from within the build system of an individual project (or something). If you post your solution as an answer I can accept it, cheers!

Yeah, setting up an ini thing would be trivial to do. Feel free to submit any PR requests to Github to integrate any tweaks you make as you do your thing.