Buttons on the side and indirect fire.

I’ve kind of being experimenting with two ideas that are really VR friendly but not flat screen.

They are having buttons on the side of your gun and this is kind of interesting since you can put a lot of buttons on the side of guns. It kind of solves a UI type issue I have where I need a few buttons to take place of the F keys.

The other is indirect fire, you can follow the rockets up and then as they rain down. It is kind of satisfying. I dare say there could be a dodge mechanic there. Like in Robo Recall except you move along the horizontal plane.

It would be satisfying to flick safeties off. Do you find yourself banging the controllers together, or is the gun mesh big enough to give clearance?

Yes definitely! There needs to be a mechanic there.
Just thinking - bigger gun.

Like you hold the two controllers together and now you have a single bigger weapon very much like you can equip a character in many rpgs. Two handed sword(rifle) or a basic sword and shield(2 pistols). You are a genius! Not exactly sure how it would work, but that is awesome. A very natural way to go!

Just thinking, say you have two pistols or a sword and a shield. You bang the two controllers and over say a second or so they morph into the big gun or that bigger sword. Bamm, you’re the (wo)man! That is so cool and more importantly it is something you can only do in VR!

I’ve actually heard of a Japanese arcade game that uses magnets to connect two guns together and change forms. I’ve forgotten the name unfortunately. Porting it to a traditional console would’ve been impossible at the time, but with vr it could work.