Buttons having issue after update

This isn’t a huge issue, but I’ve noticed after the update that when buttons have enabled on game start off, they are still interactable. Now, the code we have connected to thew buttons isn’t affected and everything works fine. Its just that the button interact prompt is showing, when it isnt supposed to

Hello @LosesoIcanwin,

This may have just been resolved. See tweet

Let us know if you’re still seeing this problem after re-saving and republishing.

I see it was made a couple days ago and I had this issue yesterday. Our map isn’t yet published and we haven’t enrolled. I can try re-saving, but how do I resave my devices?

Thank you for your report! We would like to look into this further, would you be able to submit a bug report using the form available here? Fortnite Creative
For more information, such as how to get the reference ID, please check out the article here: https://create.fortnite.com/news/using-the-creative-and-uefn-bug-reporting-form

I might be entering the realm of superstition here. But I’d change one setting on my device → Save → change it back to the original setting → Save.

Yesterday, I saw the ‘Accolade’ device appear in my Devices folder without updating UEFN, so I’m not sure what sort of voodoo is going on. :wink:

ok I did that, didn’t know if it was some button or smt I didn’t know about. Buttons still showed though unfortunately.

Looks like it wasn’t quite fixed.

Keep an eye on this thread.

Ok thanks!