Button click fires action on second PIE game too

Hey all, I am trying to create a simple Host/Join multiplayer menu which supposed to spawn 2 players in same level. I am following a Udemy tutorial and my exact copycat works as intended. I tried to do it myself and I am having the following issue:

I set the “Number of players” to 2 in order to test my host/join functions. Whenever I hit Host button from any player, both of my players are changing scenes. The clicked one opens the lobby level I desired to be open, other one goes to black screen.

I tried opening the game with a single PIE player and a standalone game that I run using command line with

“.\UE4Editor.exe” “MyProjectPath”
-game -log

This works normal, only the player I clicked the button runs the action that button needs to do and I can join from second player.

These are the functions I call as OnClick events for host and join button

My question; is this caused because me or is this some kind of a bug? I am a beginner in multiplayer and trying to find out if I’m doing things correct or not. Thanks in advance for you answers