Buoyancy doesn't work for host but it's fine for the clients


I am working on a multiplayer game where players are sailing in the ocean.

Everything worked flawlessly until I added the buoyancy component. It works beautifully with client ships (both client-side and server-side), but the host’s buoyancy stops working whenever the hosting player starts moving around. If the host hits another ship and stops because of it, the effect reappears (until the next movement).

I use the unreal water system and the buoyancy that comes with it, my own ship movement, and I have code for custom replication. I tried removing everything from the code, but nothing solved this issue.

Here is a video of my problem (sorry for the strange sound, my mic is broken):
Ship buoyancy server error - YouTube
What could cause this?

I checked your video, I’m having trouble seeing exactly what you mean.

Should the boat the camera is attached to have engine components submerge or something?

If you haven’t already solved the issue, maybe a video that shows the issue more patently could help, as to me, it looks like it’s buoyant, just the camera is attached so maybe it just doesn’t look as good as the ship next to it?

Did you fix it and if so how did you fix it?