Bunch of black magic in C++ section

Could moderators go deal with it? We’re being hit by a wave of love mantra once again :stuck_out_tongue:
(I collected each message so I can use them for an easteregg ,lol)

Just hit the report button on one of them and a moderator will get to it eventually.

alright, thanks!

Lol, when I first read the thread title I thought you were complaining about some black magic that happens in C++ code because it is sometimes difficult to get whats going on, haha :smiley:

Maybe can solve that too! :smiley:

:wink: We are permanently deleting those spams.

And continuing to work on new solutions to prevent them.

I can attest to this

Not an expert on this topic, but we had similar spam going on in one forum. I remember that the admins blocked keywords for topic titles any user would be very unlikely end up using.
If one would block , baba, ji and things alike they might find wording workarounds, but might lose interest once they have to phrase themselves with so many workarounds that their message would become code jibberish.

Yeah, really need to get rid of the spam threads :confused:

As long as it’s financially viable to keep doing it, they’ll keep doing it.

Which leads us to my question:
Who is clicking these links and giving them business? Who out there is using these forums and needs a black magic specialist from India?

They post no links, just phone numbers. And this is just “massive shelling” of all places where they can reach. Also, this is done by humans, who are very likely paid pennies per post, so they will keep doing just because they can.

Why not just block posting for users who have not paid for at least month ?

I say, let the sapmmers pay money, and then ban them :cool:

Won’t work now, educational licenses are free.

Because in this community you can also find people that just want to get more information about the UE4 before they buy it :slight_smile:

I can say with 100% certainty, I would not have started using Unreal if this were the case. As I said in another thread in this section, the forums are what made me seriously interested in the engine. Before my second or third post I was going to stick with Unity.

I think we don’t need to dig deeper into “iniside’s” statement about making it only available for those who subscribed the engine. This cannot and will not happen 100%, heh.

Ok. Maybe another way. Make few sections accessible to non-paid users.
This way at least spam will be confined to single place and easier to deal with.

Sure the folks at Unreal have a plan, they said so at least, so it must be true. Still, there might be a good solution along these lines. Perhaps, in order to keep access to those who don’t pay every month, certain forums could be read only to all and writable by active subs? Or something…I dunno.

I’m just worried about where I’m going to get my black magic after the spammers are run off.