Bullet Tracer UE4 Problem

Hi. I want to make a trace of the shot, but ran into a problem. I don’t understand how to set the end for the particle. I used the tutorial from youtube, but it’s a little different. How do I apply this to the bullet, so that the particle follows the bullet and changes size (length) as the position of the bullet in the world changes.
UE4 Niagara Tutorial - Bullet Tracer Effect - Intro to Niagara UE4/Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube YT Tutorial
ParticleSpawn posted by anonymous | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4



So try this

  1. Do not use EvenTick for your Trace
  2. Do not use the same Start and End location
  3. Create the Emitter and the System as shown in the tutorial
  4. Bind an event to the SpawnSystemAtLocation (see below)
  5. Set Location and BeamEnd: Your Sphere as Start/Location and your ForwardVector or the ForwardVector of the camera as your BeamEnd

This way I create 1 traceline when I shoot.
Edit: To alter the duration of your traceline adjust the Lifetime in your emitter (InitializeParticle => Lifetime)

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Thank you, it’s work)