Bullet Ribbon swapped to Actor Source looks awful

I’ve been building a bullet trail for a sci fi model in Cascade using Ribbons following a Ribbon Source emitter during development. I used the Geometry visibility feature to ensure it is the correct size relative to the model.

When that effect is dragged into the test level it looks perfectly fine, but when I replace the source with an Actor in the Source module and then fire the cannon in that same test level (at velocity 6000) it looks completely different. The original Ribbon Source was also set to move at a similar high velocity.

Why does it look fine in level when attached to the Ribbon Source but not when in the same level on the model? I could understand it might look different in Cascade than in level, but then I would expect BOTH dragged in Ribbon Source-based effect and Actor-based effect to look bad.

It appears as soon as it is connected to an Actor it suddenly has several problems. Color Over Life >1 numbers now blow out the effect, even when only 1 is spawned. Initial Location no longer causes a wobble or shape variation in the effect. Translucent option for Material now obviously creates a dark edge at the border where one effect overlaps another. Lengths and Widths of effects seem to vary from original. Maybe other problems I’m not aware of?

I could slowly improve this bad effect in level to something not completely awful, but it’s nothing like the planned effect. I want to know if I will need to redo every effect manually or if there is some other reason this problem is occurring that could be fixed and save a lot of time and give me that previous good result that I already spent time on.

Is there a problem with Local vs World Space? Do I need to constrain to an axis? etc? Does it somehow not know it’s moving or at the correct speed?