Bulk edit materials?

Just wondering if this is possible. I import a static FBX that has over 100 textures on it (I am doing this for personal reasons, not technical)
I want to give every material a 0 const to specular to make sure nothing shines in the light. Is there anyway to do this without having to open every single material and set it?

If you had made a master material and every other material was an instance of the master material, it would be a piece of cake. Otherwise, no, there is no way to edit materials in bulk.

He’s not asking how to bulk edit materials. He’s asking if he can Bulk Edit and APPLY a single material to multiple meshes.

I’ve heard that this is a feature that’s been requested but no word on when it’s going to be implemented.

Did you try c++?

This is possible thru c++ iteration.

You can do this with Blutility these days - there are blutility nodes to create and connect material expressions in a material, and there is a node to apply a material to a static mesh asset element.