Built Lighting Woes

I got them built lighting woes I’ve been reading so much about. Where my level looks desirable on EngineScalability>Ultra, but then like a pile of rotting garbage after I bake the lights. I just want those soft light blooms back… everything was nice and gaussy and subtle. Can anyone provide me some insight as to why I am losing those effects?

I read this

but it did not help.

Thanks a lot… I just want to learn here.

Do you have a light mass importantance volume? Is the light mass set to production quality? How well do individual pieces bake in the default UE4 scene? It could be from bad light map UVs, or too small of a light map resolution.

Hi Dan,

Are you using lights that are set to static? If so, try setting them to Stationary or Movable.

With Static mobility you’ll lose these highlights since this information is not baked into the lightmap. By using a Stationary light you’ll keep these highlights while also using static lighting.

Give that a shot and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

This is something that Eric and I want to get on that Wiki guide we wrote, we’ve just not set the time aside to work on this lately.

@ZacD, I do have a lightmassImportanceVolume, and I did sett he Build Lighting to Production quality. I have been using Unreal’s auto-UV generation for my lightmaps, so it could be that they are less efficient this way and need a higher resolution. I’ll give that a test.

@Tim, I absolutely hope you are right about converting to Stationary lights, that would be awesome. I can’t wait to get home and try it out! :slight_smile:

Will keep you posted. Thanks guys, I never know what little bit of knowledge I may be missing, so this is very appreciated…

If you are using the auto generating UVs, definitely try baking a few assets by themselves in that 2 chairs with the table in the sun scene and see if there’s any errors, Also try setting your viewport to lightmapdensity and seeing if the resolution you are using is sufficent

Oh ty for sharing the lightmap density documentation, I missed it and was wondering what was the purpose of the colors in my viewport!

It was the Static lights. What a relief! :slight_smile: Thanks everybody!