Building with VS2012 fails (wrong version of mspdb140.dll)

Hi there,

due to other external dependencies i need to build UE with VS2012. What i did:

  • Clone the release branch
  • Run setup.bat and a second time with -include=2012
  • Run GenerateProjectFiles.bat with -2012
  • Open the generated solution in VSExpress 2012, set to Developer Editor and win64 and hit build.

The build fails with:
Error 1 error LNK1101: incorrect MSPDB140.DLL version; recheck installation of this product

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

Hello instinct-vfx,

Would it be possible to upgrade to Visual Studio 2013 express or community? VS2012 is only supported for Xbox One development at the moment and I believe even that uses the 2013 compiler. The error message you’re receiving doesn’t make much sense however as that file appears to only be present in Visual Studio 2015.

Hey ,

the problem is, that we are trying to link against an external library that is built using 2012 only currently (mostly because it ties into Max and Maya which are both 2012 Update 4). I was thinking that they may be a fair share of issues but as you mentioned was baffled by the error message as it was not among the ones i expected hehe.

Was hoping someone may have encountered that already. I also have VS 2015 Express on the machine so it may be picking up the wrong SDK or alike but it seemed a bit daunting without knowing where to look.

Cheers and thanks for chiming in,