Building VR Menus

Hello People

I would like to ask for help.

I’m trying to build a VR menu, but when a button is clicked, a selected mesh must change the material. The selected mesh should have an outline, so the player knows it is selected.

For exemple:

1 - Point at mesh and it gets an outline
2 - Select the mesh by pressing a button
3 - A 3D menu pops up showing the colors available for that particular mesh
4 - The player can touch one of the color options and then the mesh change to the selected color
5 - The player press the same button and the menu dissapears.

Would be interresting if the color options change according to the selected mesh.

Thanks in advance.

For Outline, use this tutorial.

For VR menu, you should use 3D widgets. Also, add a widget interaction component in your motioncontroller BP. You will be able to interact with VR menu using that.

Thanks, I will try to work this around using the links that you provided.

Have a nice day :smiley:

hey can you share your work around pls