Building to Quest 2 from M1 mac

Man, I’m exhausted. I’ve spent an entire day trying to figure out what i’m doing wrong here.

I’ve got an M1 macbook pro that I’m trying to build the sample VR project to a Quest 2. I’ve looked at a few videos detailing how to do this, installing android studio, selecting the specific sdk builds, selecting specific android build settings, setting apk sdk ndk locations, etc. And when I go to build, everything seems to be fine right up until the is run. That part throws an unknown error 134 and the whole thing fails. I wish I knew what was wrong. If I try packaging the build, it says the SDK isn’t set up correctly and tells me to go to the “SDK section” of the “Launch on” menu (no clue where that is, I don’t see it in project settings anywhere…) to update the SDK.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Pretty bummed right now that nothing seems to be working. :frowning: